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Fortran - Loops - There may be a situation,. do loop. This construct enables a statement, or a series of statements, to be carried out iteratively, while a given condition is true. 2: do while loop. Repeats a statement or group of statements while a given condition is true. Looping Control Structures. FORTRAN 77 does not have a formal do-while loop structure but it is easy to construct one using IF and GO TO statements. label IF logical-expression THEN statement block GO TO label END IF. A do-while loop tests at the beginning of the loop.

DO/DO WHILE. Block IF/ELSE IF. ELSE IF. ELSE. END IF. END. Logical IF. DO Loop Range. The range of a DO loop consists of all of the executable statements that appear following the DO statement, up to and including the terminal statement. If a DO statement appears within the range of another DO loop, its range must be entirely contained within. Fortran 77 has only one loop construct, called the do-loop. The do-loop corresponds to what is known as a for-loop in other languages. Other loop constructs have to be simulated using the if and goto statements. do-loops The do-loop is used for simple counting. 9. Loops. For repeated execution of similar things, loops are used. If you are familiar with other programming languages you have probably heard about for-loops, while-loops, and until-loops. Fortran 77 has only one loop construct, called the do-loop. The do-loop corresponds to what is known as a for-loop in other languages. 29/04/2012 · How to use the Do While Loop in Fortran 90/95. How to use the Do While Loop in Fortran 90/95. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading. Watch Queue Queue. __count__/__total__ YouTube Premium Loading. Get YouTube without the ads. Working. Skip trial 1 month free. Find out why Close. Fortran Do While. Using and Porting GNU Fortran. 8.10.4 The CYCLE and EXIT Statements. The CYCLE and EXIT statements specify that the remaining statements in the current iteration of a particular active enclosing DO loop are to be skipped.

You would also want to make logical_var volatile to assure it is read on each test. Also consider using exit to the of the matching scope of the current do OpenMP ought to permit slice termination by exit to matching END DO. I installed gfortran on my Ubuntu 15.04 system. While compiling Fortran code, the DO loop asks to take integer parameters only and not real values or variables. That includes the loop variable and.

Your DO loops are fine. You simply need to subtract the correct denomination from remainder in each loop. For instance change your second DO loop to: do while remainder >= 10 remainder = remainder - 10 print,remainder d = d1 end do and change the rest in a similar manner. All diese Programmelemente werden in diesem Kapitel detailliert dargestellt. Neben den genannten Steuerkonstrukten sind in Fortran 90/95 auch noch das berüchtigte goto und einige als veraltet gekennzeichnete Sprunganweisungen möglich. Fortran 90 und Fortran 95 unterscheiden sich in Details bei Schleifen und Verzweigungen.

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